Technology Trends for Weddings & Events

Planning a 2017 event? Today people are finding new ways to integrate technology into their Weddings and Events as they take advantage of things like 3D printing, Video mapping, Snapchat spectacles, drones & social media. There will always be a place for the traditional events but here are some of the enhancements that you can make at your event by following new technology trends:

Silent Disco


This is one of the new disco trends of 21st Century, during which people dance to music on wireless headphones. Rather than using speakers, music is broadcasted via a radio transmitter and everyone with wireless headphones enjoys on that music. This technology system allows your party to continue past noise curfews. You can have a silent disco at Happenings such as weddings and parties.

Go Pro Camera & Snapchat Spectacles

Wearable gadgets to capture hidden moments of your Happening is always good thing to have. You don’t want to carry additional objects when everything you need can be attached toe verything you have. Snapchat Spectacles can capture 10 seconds video of whatever you are watching, and we can integrate Go Pro cameras on objects like floral arrangements to easily capture everything you want.

Selfie Booth

Selfie Booth

Take the photo booth fun to the next level. The Selfie Booth is the perfect addition to any Happening. The Selfie Booth is a lot of fun for all ages. Both kids and adults alike can have fun taking wacky photos and hamming it up with silly props. The Selfie Booth is sure to be a hit at parties. Printing the photos or getting digital copies make great favors to take home.

Drone Videos/Photos

One of the trending things today is drones. Drones give you access to an additional dimension of your event allowing you aerial views of your Happening. You can make group formations and get creative with drone photos, and drone video can hover around your entire Happening without disturbing your guests.

360 degree & LIVE video streaming

For the guests who are unable to travel or attend your Happening, you can have a full 360 live stream. This will help connect friends and family who live far away, by streaming a real-time feed of your event. 360-degree view adds a flavor to the live stream you are having, simply by giving control to viewer to look around and see whats happening.

3D Printed Wedding Cake & Other Decorations


3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. You can use different materials to turn your design into real physical object. This part of technology has great use in the events industry. You can create small and complex looking designs with higher precision and lower cost. You can also create edible objects of your desired design or create a variety of things, from decorations for Happenings, to designer edible objects like cake.

Light Projections & Video Mapping

Light projection and Video mapping is one of the coolest things you can have at your Happening. Whether it is small item such as a cake, or largers items such as walls or tables, you can Video map everything. You can even project light on entire event area with specific theme to your event.

Robot Bartender


One of the great ways to impress guests at your Happening is by using an app controlled robot bartender. Making cocktails requires time and preparation, but with robot bartenders (Somabar) you can make delicious craft cocktails in under five seconds!

Personalized Hashtag & Filter

integrated-social-media-wall-technology-trends-for weddings-events

Now-a-days everyone is in social media and people posts everything. Everyone loves to know how people felt about their Happening and personalized hashtag helps you do that. Personalized hashtags enable you to know everything going on in social media about your Happening. You track everything people are saying about your Happening and show it on live social media wall. It’s a cool way to show off what people are saying about you.


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